Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media

Vision & Mission

With the rapid increase in production and distribution of multimedia content, efficiently finding desired content on the Internet has become a problem in its own right. Especially for audio-visual information the performance of existing search engines is not living up to its users’ expectations, mainly because of the semantic gap, i.e. the incapability to incorporate human domain knowledge into automatic procedures for creating the labels. Therefore, a radically different approach to providing access to audio-visual content in particular is urgently needed.

One such radically different approach has presented itself in the past few years in the form of social networks. Dominant activities of people in social networks are – in addition to finding content and other people – collectively tagging, annotating and rating of the content in the network. From a technical perspective, tagging, annotating and rating of multimedia content provide an entirely new view on how to solve the multimedia content access problem. Automatic audio-visual content analysis and signal processing tools can be used to help the network-user to improve the effectiveness of this tagging process.

For social networks revolving around audio-visual content, centralized server solutions are passé, and peer-to-peer systems are the scalable solutions of the future. Hence, this radically new perspective on enabling audio-visual content access has obviously also consequences for the design of the peer-to-peer system, which, with all its potential and limitations, has to be factored in as the carrier of the social network in which the tagging and content analysis are jointly carried out.

The mission of the NoE PetaMedia is to create a sufficient momentum by integrating an existing large amount of resources to push new paradigms in enabling efficient and effective access to multimedia content in the emerging social and peer-to-peer (SP2P) network structures, and so influence the European and world research agenda in the area of multimedia content access. These new paradigms will be developed through entirely new approaches searching for a synergetic combination of user-based collaborative tagging and the state-of-the-art technology in the fields of peer-to-peer networks and multimedia content analysis. The NoE partners have the ambitions to achieve sustainable complementarity in each other’s expertise and resources for new generations of networked media content access technology.

The collective research that will integrate the four national networks within the PetaMedia context will be directed towards the synergetic combination of user-based collaborative tagging, peer-to-peer networks and multimedia content analysis, and towards identification and exploration of potentials and limitations of combined tagging, MCA and SP2P concepts. Solutions and collaborative research field trials will be build on the coordinating partner's open source P2P software Tribler.