Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media

Delft University of Technology

TUD is represented by the Information and Communication Theory (ICT) Group, which has internationally recognized expertise in the area of multimedia content analysis (led by Dr. Hanjalic) and collaborative content recommendation in the P2P (Tribler) context (led by Prof. Lagendijk).

The research track record of the ICT group in these fields has been built over more than ten years and has enabled continuous and fruitful cooperation with companies such as Philips, British Telecom and Microsoft. In relation to PetaMedia, the ICT Group participated in several EU and Dutch national projects and activities.

Examples are the EU ACTS projects SMASH and STORit, and the EU COST 292 Action. National projects of importance are "Video at your Fingertips" and "iShare", being part of the Dutch ICES-KIS3 BSIK programs "MultimediaN" and "Freeband" 2004-2009, and being in the fields of MCA and collaborative content management in social (in particular P2P) networks. Recently, the ICT Group has been evaluated very high by the Visitation Committee delegated by the Organization of Dutch Universities.