Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media


In the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, and Germany, national networks exist of collaborating excellent research groups in the area of multimedia content analysis and social/peer-to-peer networks.

The network of excellence PetaMedia brings these four strong national networks together, at first to form a European network of national networks that strengthens and advances scientific and technological excellence in the area of multimedia content access in social/peer-to-peer networks. Eventually, the NoE targets establishing a sustainable European Virtual Centre of Excellence to which research groups throughout Europe can connect. The NoE is purposely built up around a small number of core partners to obtain strong scientific and organizational leadership, and to avoid fragmentation of activities over a large number of partners. Even so, through the core partners and their national networks, a significant research volume and range of expertise in multimedia content analysis and social/peer-to-peer networks is present in the NoE.

The NoE PetaMedia has three kinds of partners, the Core partners (listed below), affiliated Network partners and interested Ad Hoc partners.