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Personalised Journal Creation

  Sharing of information is often short lived in social networks and also contains only a single perspective. Therefore, this research project focuses on creating a multi perspective journal that would serve as a long-term memory of an event.


Research Challenges

The convergence of the Internet and ubiquitous technologies offer anunprecedented level of convenience for information collection, accessing and sharing of information through social networking. There is also an increasing evidence of web applications taking advantage of the so-called ''long tail'', offering specialised services to a small number of users by allowing them to annotate and consume relevant information. However, in many cases the sharing of information is often short lived and contains only a single perspective.

Following the recent developments in social networking, there is an emerging interest to share experiences online with social peers using multimedia data. As the experiences to be shared among social peers vary from a simple social gathering to a tourism visit with a group of peers, there is a critical need for intelligent content management tools driven by a social perspective.

Addressing the challenges imposed in creating a long-term solution sharing multi-perspective viewpoint of an event, this research project develops a social network application based on Facebook for generating personalised journal exploiting complementary and social network metadata. The social networking application, integrates multimedia content processing techniques, user profile modelling and enhanced caption analysis enabling users to create a long-term personalised journal of an event from social interaction.




  • K. Chandramouli, F. Hopfgartner, T. Kliegr, E. Izquierdo, "Personalised Journal Creation Exploiting Complementary and Social Network Metadata", 19th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2010