Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media

Pimp My File

"Pimp My File" is a catchy name for metadata enhancement. The goal of this project is to test the validity of PetaMedia Triple Synergy within the peer-to-peer setting offered by the Tribler application.



Research Challenges

The challenge of "Pimp My File" is largely an engineering challenge. Tribler must be extended with a metadata component that will be simple and stable enough for wide-scale use. Further, appropriate mechanisms to prevent spamming must be developed.


TU Delft: Raynor Vliegendhart, Martha Larson, Johan Pouwelse

Related Research Project

"Pimp My File" is related to the first generation PetaMedia research project "Tools for Tagging". The tags generated by tagging technology will be candidates for metadata enrichment within the peer-to-peer setting. They will be tested with respect to their usefulness -- ability to support search -- within the Tribler application.