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Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), it is the third largest college of the federal University of London with proven reputation in coordination and participation in large cooperative projects. It hosts one of the UK leading research groups in multimedia analysis and processing, the Multimedia & Vision (MMV) Research Group.

The MMV enjoys a distinguished standing for innovation, receiving direct funding from overseas organisations such as Nokia, Philips, Nortel, the Department of Defence and the EU. The approach taken is integrative since there are no clear boundaries with other departmental groups. Specifically, synergies with the centre for digital music and the communications and networking groups are exploited. Currently, the MMV group has 36 members, including six members of academic staff.

The group has participated and coordinated many EU funded projects including RACE MAVT; ACTS MOMUSYS, PANORAMA and Custom TV; Esprit UNITE; Basic research DRUMS; IST SAMBITS, IMPACT, MARINER, SHUFFLE, CRUMPET, EDEN, SAFEGUARD, SCHEMA and many others. Recently, the group coordinated the FP5 IST project BUSMAN, currently coordinates the IST NoE K-Space and the COST292 Action. It is also one of the main contributors and steering member of the FP6 IST Integrated Projects aceMedia, MESH and RUSHES. The group is also leading several UK EPSRC projects including three industrial CASE projects and the industrial project AUDACE with Visiowave and GE industrial.