Network of Excellence Peer-to-Peer Tagged Media

Workshop on Search Computing and Social Media

The workshop takes place on Wednesday 28 September, 2011 between 11:30 -16:30 at the NEM Summit in Torino, Italy.

The workshop presents cutting-edge search computing solutions that have been developed to provide users with access to networked media and in particular, social multimedia. It will showcase new techniques and applications have been developed in European research laboratories and focus on those solutions that are ripe for industry application.


The opening talk presents a vision on the area of search computing entitled "Search Computing: Business Areas, Research and Socio-Economic Challenges". Then, a selection of leading researchers will present highlights and applications from a range of areas important for search and social media search.


The afternoon session will concentrate on the "Triple Synergy", the combination of multimedia content, user-derived annotations and the structures of peer-to-peer and social networks.  The Triple Synergy is deployed in order to improve user access (including search, recommendation, browsing and discovery) to multimedia online and in social communities. Here, the PetaMedia Network of Excellence will present multimedia applications that it has developed within the framework of its field trials.

 The workshop will close with a panel that takes a critical look at the future of multimedia search, and in particular investigates the question of the contribution that search computing can make to innovation within the area of social media.